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Spring into Life

Springtime is my favourite time of year, how about you? It's a time of the Year when everything comes to Life once again. The time of Year when the Sun shines on us longer and starts to warm things up again. The days are warmer, but the nights are still nice and cool. You could say that there is a new balance that is starting to happen with this season. There is Colour everywhere, like rainbows bursting out all over Australia and indeed the whole Southern Hemisphere. Even people seem more at ease and happy at this time of year. With this change of season, comes change for us all. September also brings about the Spring Equinox, where there is a Yin-Yang effect taking place by way of Equal hours of Day & Equal hours of Night. Some say it's one of the Magical nights of the Year. There are new Aromas filling the air as more flowers bloom. Even the Animals have a new burst of energy. We are all familiar the old term "Spring Cleaning", well it's the perfect time to do so. Out with the old and in with the new or at least make way for the new. We have done just that with the Spiritual Whispers' Studio. Changed things around, out with all the old negative energies that might have snuk in undetected as well as making way for many new things and sessions. We have Cleansed & Cleared all nooks and crannies, then recharged the energy of the entire space. You will find new beginnings everywhere you look and some may even pop into you own journey for the year. It's a time to celebrate, rejoice and to be Grateful for all that we have and for all that we will receive. Have a little fun and explore the possibilities that have opened up before you. Enjoy the Seasonal Changes as they flow on into and through your Life's Journey. I look forward to either meeting you for the first time or seeing you return this Spring so that I may Guide you on this Journey of Life.

Loving Light Leonie-May :) :) :)

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