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Meditation Techniques - Breathing

Have you ever said any of the following to yourself or anyone else?

" I can't meditate, it doesn't work for me".

" I don't have time to sit still long enough to meditate, I'm too busy"

" I can't meditate because I can't be still or stop thinking about things"

Well, I'm sure you have either heard one of those or said them yourself.

I know I have done in the past, and even now-a-days on the rare occasion,

I have said that I don't have time and that I'll do it later. (big mistake for me).

For me, meditation is so incredibly important and necessary for me to maintain

balance in my life. It has become a natural habit for me.

This was the reason I decided to start running and teaching Meditation to others

11 years ago, still doing so these days and will continue to do so for years to come.

Over the years, people have asked me, "how do you even start?"

My first reply to them was simply, "by Breathing"

Sounds easy enough right?

Well, it is !!!

We ALL need to Breathe to Live and survive, right? Yes!

There are numerous Techniques for Meditation, and I do teach or guide those.

But the very first technique I teach you is the Breathing technique.

Meditation comes easy for some people, and for others it can take a bit of time

time to learn or master. No matter what level of meditation you are at, it requires

one fundamental thing to be able to do it - "technique" and in my opinion the most

important technique is "breathing". Every meditation in the World, incorporates this

breathing technique into their session. Why? Because it is Life-giving energy, it is a

healing energy, and it is a very easy Focus point to take your mind off of your concerns.

Some of the Benefits of the Breathing technique can be :

· It can help you focus on something other than your worries or concerns.

· It can bring you to a state of calm and balance, promoting relaxation.

· It can bring more oxygen to the brain helping you to clear the fog.

· It can help to release dopamine and serotonin (the feel-good hormones).

· It can help reduce physical aches and sometimes reduce blood pressure.

· It can improve the immune system and promote better sleep patterns.

· It can help to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and so much more.

When you work with the Breathing technique, you senses are also triggered, which in turn

can assist you even further with your meditation process.

Your Senses :

* your sense of Sight - your eyes

* your sense of Hearing - your ears

* your sense of Smell - your nose

* your sense of Taste - your mouth

* your sense of Touch - your hands, feet, and whole body inside and out

* your sense of Soul/Spirit/Heart - your mental and emotional state of being

To start the process ..... all you need to do is . . . . . B R E A T H E ! ! !

If you would like to know more, to learn or even to refresh

or expand you Meditation skills, visit or contact me via :

Until we meet again, please remember to take good care of yourself &



Loving Healing Breathing


Spiritual Whispers Australia

Meditation Techniques - Breathing

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