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2020 Into the Blues

The outlook ahead was intense but clearly GOOD for the year of 2020, from the point of view from many Psychics around the world. There were very few that foresaw what was about to unfold worldwide, and those few kept it very close to there own inner circle.

This year there was to be a huge Cleanse for many, which was to lead to the opening of new doors for another shift forward to new pathways. Well!!! It certainly is turning out to be a huge Cleansing. OMG!!! Not exactly what we had in mind, but the Universe has spoken very clearly it seems. Yes, it is sad and devastating. But, know this . . . . . we will emerge at the end of this, with clarity about many things.

The ripple-effect has been such that it has enlightened us with many reminders of Life, that maybe some of us in the world had forgotten or taken for for granted, and some of whom had taken advantage of things. Some of these reminders have been as simple as Self-care, all the way through to Communication & Socialization. For many businesses, it has meant closing their doors temporarily, while others have been able to restructure to keep things working in one way or another.

Here at Spiritual Whispers we have done just that . . . restructured the way we do things, so people can still stay connected with us and receive all the sessions they need for their Health & Wellness, Healing, Meditations, Spirituality, Oracle services and Leonie-May's unique and special Guidance.

We have called this period of time "Into the Blues"

Not because it is sad (although yes it is), but because we want to Guide you through things with a calm and peaceful mindset, so you may manifest more positive outlooks in your life.

We are now setup with Online Services for everything we do.

The platform we have been using is Zoom, which we have found to be the most stable platform to present everything on for your convenience. It is similar to the old Skype and it is free to setup an account with it. (we do still have skype available for who prefer that platform for individual appointments), but the Group Sessions are now run on Zoom. once you have purchased your ticket from the website, you will receive an email with the Zoom Login Link.

The online-shop is open on the website as well, with postage or pickup available. You can message us through the facebook page, from the website, or you can send us an email if you have any questions. In the meantime, there are many things in creation and in the planning for you, both for now and for the rest of the year.

Until we can connect either online or in person, please take good care of yourself, stay safe and well, and above all please remember to SMILE it's GOOD for YOU.

Loving Light Leonie-May xoxoxo

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