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The Solar Plexus blend contains the nutrient rich and robust Rooibos together with the sweetness of Vanilla pods. Along with antioxidant rich Goji Berries and Banana pieces, this is a strong blend aiming to strengthen your Solar Plexus chakra.



When your Solar Plexus Chakra is balanced:     

  • Listen to your gut feelings.  Trust your inner wisdom as it assists you to detect people and situations that are for your highest good.

  • Healthy Self Esteem.  Knowing what empowers you with the ability to make choices in your best interests.

  • Self Empowered.  Stand up for what you want and believe in.

  • A strong sense of personal power as you are controlling your life.





Banana pieces

Goji Berries

Aromatised in Vanilla pods


Created by :  SpiritualiTea


Solar Plexus Chakra Tea

GST Included
Your Tea will be shipped within 7 to 14 days of ordering. Thank you for your order, we know you will love it.
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