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Sacral Chakra Tea

Sacral Chakra Tea

he Sacral Chakra blend is a sweet mix of the South African plant Honeybush along with Mango and Orange. Honeybush contains many minerals, is low in tannins and contains no caffeine.  The longer you brew this blend the more the honey flavour is drawn out, allowing you to enjoy the sweetness in life.



When your Sacral Chakra is balanced:      

  • Enjoy life.  Seek out and experience joy without guilt.  Embrace the simple pleasures in each moment.

  • Seek intimate relationships that are balanced, healthy and allow for growth.  Express yourself sexually.

  • Strong personal power as you know what you want in your life and draw it in.

  • Comfortable expressing your emotions and your individuality.

  • Involved in creative projects that nourish your soul and express your uniqueness.







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