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Under The Weather & Mind Over Matter

It matters not that you are rich or poor, healthy or ill, a guru or a regular person.

We can all fall down, feeling "under the weather".

What matters most in these times is how we react to our situation.

Yes, I know, you've heard it all before.....

But, Yes, how we think can truly affect how we recover from a situation.

How would I know???

Experience, time & time again.

Numerous times throughout life’s journey, I have fallen down in pieces emotionally mentally and physically. There were times I did not think I would be able to stand again on my own two feet.

Somehow each and every time I fell down I managed to pull myself back up again by focusing all my energy on something positive. I found courage deep within to be grateful for even the smallest of things.

At first I thought this was silly and pointless. So, what was that type of thinking? Negative thought process. I noticed that every time I thought negatively about the situation I was in, then the longer that situation continued.

It was only when I started saying and thinking positive things over and over, even though I did not quite believe it, I kept saying it, then at some point in time things started to change in a positive way.

My mind over matter approach was starting to work. From a very early age I was told to think positive, “come on girl, it’s mind over mater, think you’re gonna be ok and you will”. So, each and every time I fall down I combine this skill with the healing ways of old and combine that with the healing ways of the new. This is something I teach in all my classes and workshops as well.

There are numerous examples that I could give you from my life's journey, some of which will be in a book and a workshop that I'm writing and hope to publish one day soon. But I can reassure you that it really does work. It doesn't happen overnight or within minutes, sometimes it takes days or weeks or even months, but it does happen with patience and persistence.

So, the next time you are feeling under the weather;

even if you don't feel like it or believe it,

try thinking positive outcomes,

focusing on gratitude and

saying all of this to yourself

over and over again.

You too, can change your situation, with the right thought process.

It’s just a mater of : “ Mind Over Matter”

Go on . . . give it a try.

Keep an Eye open for up-n-coming workshops or books on this as well.

Until next time, remember to


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