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Ease the busy and hectic modern lifestyle with good old fashioned and sometimes Ancient, Methods of Wisdom,

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Guided Meditations, for a wide range of needs for the Mind Body Spirit and Soul, professionally designed and presented by myself.  Motivational Speaking, Workshops, Seminars, Retreats & Classes personally designed for your enlightenment and empowerment

in an Individual or Group setting. 

Here you will discover a diverse range of Alternative Healing Techniques all combined for your ultimate balance and benefit on this journey of Life.  I am a Master & Teacher of Reiki and Nemeten Healing, Crystal Healing, Oracle Reading (intuitive readings similar to tarot), Spiritual & Life Guidance and so much more.

Our online shop offers a range of Gifts and Products for Spiritual, Beauty, Health & Wellness - if I don’t have it, I can get it for you, all you need to do is contact us with the details.  We also offer Gift Vouchers for a range of services of your choice and packages to suit every need.

Welcome to your journey, where you will

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Professional Disclaimer :

All Psychic Readings, Meditations, Services, Alternative Healing Session or advice given, are options that are presented to you, as possible outcomes within the journey you are currently on.  It is an overview of what intuition has appeared on the day of your session.  It is intuitive and spiritual advice given, that is presented to you as an opinion of what is possibly at hand. 


All psychic readings and consultations are intended to offer an insight into a person’s personal life and do not in any way, constitute legal, financial, medical or professional advice.  No consultation with Leonie is to be considered as any kind of medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment for any condition.  Any discussions pertaining to any professional, legal or medical matter is for general information purposes only. Do not ignore advice from a qualified professional based upon any consultation with me.


Certain decisions and choices you make once leaving can change the outcome from what I have seen.  Whenever a timeline is mentioned in a reading or service, it is just a general guideline. Changing your thoughts and actions can change the timeline.  The future is not set in stone.  It is up to you to do what is best for you.  What you do with this knowledge, is purely your choice.  I make no guarantees to solve your problems or cure your illnesses. Spiritual Whispers and Leonie-May Christensen are not responsible for any action or inaction on your part as a result of your reading or any other service I provide.  You agree to take full responsibility for your life, including your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, health and wellbeing.  Your life is your responsibility!


It is my policy that there are no recordings allowed by you, of any sessions or services that I provide.  Readings are not available for people under 18 years of age.  All other sessions and services that I provide state the appropriate age allowed for that particular session or service; it is always wise to ask before booking.


I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time or to not continue a session if I do not feel it is in either party’s best interests.  I am happy to refer you to another reader or service provider, if I do not resonate with you or if you do not feel a connection with me or If you present a situation or condition that is out of my scope of practice, I reserve the right to refer you to the appropriate professional for your situation.


You understand that Leonie’s Readings or Services cannot make any warranties or guarantees regarding the information I provide and that I cannot be held responsible or liable for the actions or inactions you take as a result of the session. You are completely responsible for any actions you take after any consultation.

By booking or buying from this website, you are officially accepting all policies, terms & conditions, and this disclaimer.


Thank you kindly for understanding.

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